We specialise in manufacturing injection moulds for various branches of industry, among other for automotive and medical industries.

Why choose us?

Comprehensively and professionally

We guarantee that our customers will receive comprehensive services in the wake up to growing demands for innovative solutions. Professional implementation of the project beginning with the concept through 3D documentation and ending in a final product.

International standards

Manufacturing injection moulds with the use of best quality materials and subassemblies.

Competitive prices

Highest quality and precision in manufacturing injection moulds at competitive prices.

Flexible approach

We are competent to satisfy even most demanding customers.

Perfect communication

We are at your disposal 7 days a week.

State of the art solutions

Up to date solutions and technical novelties to serve your needs.

We believe that certainty and reliability can be attained only via top quality.

Top quality

Quality of our services is warranted by our staff continuously improving their qualifications


State of the art machine facility

Manufacturing of Injection Moulds

A huge experience in the manufacturing of injection moulds makes our engineering staff capable of meeting even the most demanding projects. The ZMP Tool Shop specialises in injection moulds that can produce thin-walled items for the medical or automotive industry. We are a specialist Tool Shop who places specific emphasis on the quality of the services we offer. First and foremost is our customer’s satisfaction. We are amply knowledgeable on machining processes and a rich and of long standing experience.

Top Precision Machining

We use various forms of metal machining like EDM (electrical Discharging Machining), machining, grinding, turning and laser welding. These manners of machining coupled with state of the art equipment guarantee requested precision and repeatable production. We harness state of the art technologies when preparing prototypes so that on their bases manufacture injection moulds to be used in serial production. Our tool shop is equipped with state of the art CNC machines.


Injection Mould Experts